What Are Parenting Plans?

In circumstances following the breakup of a relationship, couples may wish to enter into a Parenting Plan concerning the children rather than obtaining a Court Order.

A Parenting Plan is an informal agreement made by the parents dealing with the care and well-being of the children. The plan is worked out and agreed jointly and must be in writing and signed and dated by the parties

A Parenting Plan may include a raft of matters related to the care of the children such as who the children live with, how much time they spend with each parent and whether wider family members are involved in their lives.

While Parenting Plans are not enforceable, they are useful as they can be easily created, they can be varied or revoked by written consent of the parents and the Court can take the substance of the Parenting Plan into account when deciding what Parenting Orders to make.

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Glenn Thexton



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