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Determining a fair property separation

Following the breakdown of a relationship, it is common for people to wonder how they will continue to financially support themselves, their families and their lifestyles.

Assets can be divided in a number of ways after a separation, and is often dependent on each party receiving a certain percentage. Our Principal, Glenn Thexton Family Law Specialist will generally be able to help you understand the estimated percentage you may receive upon initial enquiry, including any obligation to pay spousal maintenance.

Our experience ranges from the most complex, high-net-worth cases involving the separation and valuation of business and trust interests, taxation implications of matrimonial property division to the assessment of how the equity in the matrimonial home should be split. For more details about Divorce Property Split or Divorce Property Division contact us today.

We also offer advice on the division of superannuation interests; such as complex self-managed superannuation fund or defined benefit interest or industry or commercial accumulation superannuation fund. We can further assist in financial planning, incorporating superannuation elements into a best-course approach to dividing your matrimonial assets to maximize your final financial interests.

The protection of initial contributions, inheritances, and post-separation contributions also factor highly in the advice we offer.

Wastage from gambling, drug addiction and providing for the future needs in respect of care of the children and for health reasons are other areas that we can advise you on.

Child support is also a feature of our advice in terms of advising you on future obligations or entitlements and arrears for past assessment.

Our breadth of experience in all areas of family law means you can rest easy knowing we can convey our knowledge and expertise in our legal advice to you, and work with you to ensure you receive the best division of matrimonial assets.

The Four Step Process of Matrimonial / Relationship Financial Separation

  1. Your assets, liabilities and superannuation are valued;
  2. Your financial and non-financial contributions to the assets are assessed in light of the length of your relationship;
  3. Your future needs and those of your spouse are assessed;
  4. Consideration is given as to whether any division is just and equitable, taking into account prevailing opinion and recent developments in the law.

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