We offer all our services to clients on the basis of a ‘fixed fee’ price structure.

How does the ‘fixed fee’ process work?

  • We get your initial enquiry, we engage with you for no initial fee to review your circumstances and advise you on how best to meet your needs, we then put together a ‘fixed fee’ quote based on our assessment of the work to be involved.
  • We then get to doing the required work for you being drafting the consent orders, binding financial agreement, superannuation agreement or other family law work.
  • Upon completion of the work we issue to you our invoice in accordance with the ‘fixed fee’ quotation.

Advantages of ‘fixed fee’ legal services

  • You get the benefit of no obligation review and initial advices on your family law matters.
  • Fees are outlined from the outset, there are no hidden costs.
  • We do not have fee disputes as we only charge client’s in accordance with our fixed fee quotation.
  • Communication is open between client and solicitor as each phone call or email does not incur further fees.
  • Work is done in an efficient and timely manner without clients fearing that lawyer have any motivation to stretch out the provision of legal services to earn more fees.
  • All administration costs are included in our fixed fee quotation, so you will not receive on your invoice add-ons such as photocopying or other administration charges.
  • Our ‘fixed fees’ are in our view the most competitive and lowest fees charged for the work that we do in family law across the legal industry – we know this as from time to time we take over client files from other family law firms and see first-hand how those other firms charge by the hour, which results in cost blowouts and client being hit for hidden extra charges.

Our Principal, Glenn Thexton, is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and we operate a National Family Law firm across Australia. We are not aware of any other firm in Australia who offers ‘fixed fee’ quotations for family law consent orders, binding financial agreements, superannuation agreements and binding child support agreements that is overseen by a Family Law Specialist.

Fixed fees ensure that you know how much you are paying before any fees are payable. We guarantee that you will not be left with any hidden surprises that you would otherwise be charged by a law firm that bills per hour. Having your fees fixed also gives you the freedom to contact your lawyer at any time to discuss your matter and make amendments to your documents without the fear of being charged for each phone call or email enquiry.

As an Accredited Family Law Specialist, we further guarantee the highest quality of work, unlike document companies that provide a template agreement or document that is not tailored to you and may not suit your individual circumstances or worse be later found to be unenforceable.

We have a practical straight forward approach to family law, and we offer a ‘free’ initial consultation to discuss the requirements of your family law matters. Contact our Principal, Glenn Thexton on email  phone 1300 388 298 or mobile direct 0410 639 921.