Questions & Answers

We recently provided the general public the opportunity to ask us any questions on Facebook in relation to Family Law. Our team of expert legal professionals, led by Principal Glenn Thexton, provided the following responses to the questions:

1. Can the police enter a private residence without anyone home at the time?

Generally they can, only if they have a search warrant while they have reason to believe that a person is in the property and there is cause to arrest that person, but not for all offences.

2. Please explain if birth parents can be charged as criminals if they commit a criminal act against their children.

Birth parents or biological parents can be charged with criminal offending against their own children.

3. How do you have an order revoked?

You can apply to the court to have your order revoked.

4. Can I change my children’s last names without informing their father?

Only in very limited circumstances would this be possible.