Consent Orders

Our Principal, Glenn Thexton, Family Law Specialist will advise you on any proposal you have for consent orders in terms of how to draft any agreement in the correct legal form to be acceptable for the Family Court to make those orders.

Consent Orders can be entered for both financial property separation and child spend time arrangements.

We can advise you on the transfer of property and how to avoid incurring stamp duty on transfers between spouses and other third parties on a separation. We also provide advice on the requirements of re-financing property into one spouses name in terms of signing off on final orders for the bank to allow a re-financing to progress.

We will further advise you on the enforceability of Consent Orders to ensure that any agreement between spouses in carried out with regards to the separation and payment of a property settlement or transfer of property.

In terms of child matters, we will advise you on how enforceable a proposed Consent Order is going to be and what to do in the event that one party does not comply or contravenes the Consent Orders. Our advise can extend to providing for a number of protective orders such as supervision of spend time arrangements, drug screening, restraints not to bring the children into contact with certain people and providing for a child’s particular special or medical needs.

Fixed Price Fees are further provided to you the client for advice on, negotiation and drafting of Consent Orders by our firm.

Requisitions from the Family Courts to correct consent orders that parties have lodged themselves is a further service we provide in order to get the orders proposed correct so that the court will then make those orders.

Contact our Principal, Glenn Thexton on the office number or direct on his mobile 0410 639 921 or by email for advice on Consent Orders.